Dotco Removal Tools and mdi

Dotco Removal Tools

Dotco Grinders

Dotco Grinders

When it comes to fine finishing applications such as die grinding or de-burring, no tools are better suited for the job than Dotco® grinders. Dotco’s reputation for durability, dependability and versatility is among the highest for fine finishing applications.

Dotco Sanders, Buffers, and Polishers

Dotco Sanders, Buffers and Polishers

Dotco Sanders, Buffers and Polishers are available in a variety of styles and power ratings to provide flexibility in choosing the best tool for the job. Disc sanding and polishing, wire brushes, buffing wheels, abrasive sheets, woven or non-woven belts. No matter the application, Dotco has a quality tool solution.

Dotco Drills

Dotco Drills

Dotco drills are used daily in applications ranging from aerospace to oil fields and refineries. Three styles are available - pistol grip, straight handle, and right angle models.

Dotco Routers

Dotco Routers

Dotco routers have a patent pending, governed design which allows the tool to idle, increasing its lifespan but providing full power under load. These routers have roll valves that afford easy, convenient operation.

Dotco Saws

Dotco Saws

Dotco saws come in a wide variety of models to perform a wide variety of cutting tasks. With choices of blade configuration and exhaust position, Dotco will have a pneumatic saw to fit your needs.

Dotco Percusson Tools

Dotco Percussion Tools

Dotco provides a wide selection of riveters, scalers, and chipping hammers to power through the most demanding of percussion tasks.

Dotco Specialty Tools

Dotco Specialty Tools

Dotco specialty tools are precisely engineered to perform a very specific set of tasks.

Looking for Assembly Tools? Look no further than Cleco!

Cleco and Dotco have a common heritage. Many tools that were once a part of one product line have been transitioned to the other, which may lead to some confusion when trying to find replacement parts.

To ease the process of finding what you may be looking for, we’ve divided these lines into two websites: Cleco for Assembly Tools such as screwdrivers, nutrunners, and impact wrenches; and Dotco for Removal Tools such as grinders, drills, and sanders.

The following is a complete listing of our product offerings from Cleco. The links will take you to our other site,

Cleco Screwdrivers

Cleco offers pneumatic screwdrivers with a traditional stall type drive or a Clecomatic Clutch, which shuts off the tool at a pre-adjusted level of torque, increasing tool life and reducing operator fatigue.

Cleco Nutrunners

Offered in both stall type and Clecomatic Clutch varieties, Cleco nutrunners will fasten quickly and accurately at any budget.

Cleco Wrenches

Cleco wrenches are engineered to maximize productivity, power, and operator comfort. New CWC, CWM, and CV Series impact wrenches are now available.

Cleco Balance Arms

Cleco balance arms are engineered to deliver longer service life using durable components, rugged design and operator-sensitive features.